About Us


LBN GROUP CO., LTDis a group of private businesses starting its operation in 2002 under the leadership of Oknha Lim Bunna and Lok Chumteav Thong Thida. Currently, LBN GROUP has the following businesses:

Types of business

  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Agriculture and Industry
  • Transportation and Export-Import
  • Gas Station and Mini Mart
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria
  • Hotel and Sky Bar
  • Football Club
  • Massage, Spa and KTV
  • Resort and Eco-Tourism
  • Fruit Processing Enterprise


Extend our investment to bring about growth for our employees, stakeholders, partners, community and improve households’ economic well-being for all. Focusing on rural development, such as agricultural/agro-industrial crops, services, hospitality, food, commercial items, and recreation while maintaining quality, value, the environment and national culture.


Conduct a search and evaluation of the market where we are operating and define the potential for the promotion of production, plantation, and improvement of quantity, quality, and effectiveness to respond to local and international markets, and improve our capacity in the export business.